Istanbul Musts Tour

This tour is a must for any traveller whether it is your first time or tenth,you must see these places. In this tour you will visit;


1-Topkapi Palace was home to all the Ottoman sultans until the reign of Abdulmecid I (1839-1860), a period of nearly four centuries. Over the years the palace complex underwent constant evolution. Some buildings disappeared, destroyed by fire, earthquakes or demolished to make way for new buildings. The palace was therefore not a single massive building in the western tradition, constructed at one go, but an organic structure which was never static, and reflected the styles and tastes of many periods in many independent units with individual functions.


2-Hagia Sophia was the church of Holy Wisdom for 916 years and being converted into a mosque became the symbol of Conquest of Constantinople by Turks and served as a mosque for 482 years.And finally Ataturk,the founder of Turkish Republic,converted it into a museum in 1935 and since then Hagia Sophia is the most visited museum in Turkey.


3-The Blue Mosque,maybe the most famous mosque in the world.An amazing piece of art and architecture.


4-Basilica Cistern, the biggest cistern of Byzantines,fabulous place..and Bond was there in 1963....yes,From Russia with Love was filmed in Istanbul.


5-Turkish Islamic Arts Museum,the only palace which does not belong to the sultan..and now a museum where you can see the finest examples of Turkish Handmade rugs,tiles,woodworks and calligraphy.


Tour Duration: About 8 hours

Tour price excludes: Lunch and other personal expenses.

Tour Price:100 USD per person*

What is included in the price: Guiding services,picking up from your hotel/airport or cruise port and transport to your hotel after the tour(Only European side of the city).

*For 4 people.  For larger or smaller groups price will differ.



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